About Us

Defiance Beauty aims to deliver high-performance, natural cosmetics that complement all skin tones, bringing visibility to minorities and women who have been underrepresented in the beauty industry.

As a brand focused on connecting and strengthening all women, we bring a fresh perspective to beauty through education, communication, and leadership.

By sharing the challenges, stories, and victories that affect all women, regardless of age, race, or ethnicity, Defiance Beauty is working toward breaking down barriers, celebrating our differences, and focusing on our many commonalities.

When we remember what connects us, we are united, supported, and empowered, and we can accomplish unbelievable things. Beauty often plays a role in how women feel about themselves, affecting their confidence and self-worth.

It’s important that all women feel represented and visible, especially in the beauty industry, where beauty affects their confidence and the way they express themselves in society.

We are an inclusive brand created for all women from all walks of life because we believe all women are beautiful and deserve to be seen.